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Multi-Modal Logistics Management

Freightgate’s Multi-Modal Logistics Management Platform enables Global Shippers to Collaborate Seamlessly with Supply Chain Partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Freightgate’s Multi-Modal Logistics Management Solutions provide the cloud technology for real-time information sharing and productivity tools for global shippers that help plan, optimize and execute multi-modal shipments both inbound and outbound from all global locations — across multiple modes air, ocean, truck, rail and inter-modal — gaining visibility of the end-to-end Retail Logistics Lifecycle from procurement to delivery no matter how complex your global transportation operations, retail distribution network, connecting together your retail supply chain partners, suppliers, and staff personnel.


Freightgate understands that global shippers face many logistics challenges today from controlling multi-modal movements, transportation spend, improving service levels, traceability and accountability, logistics partner management, coordination with retail parts suppliers, trade compliance, inventory optimization, big data analytics, and how to be agile to proactively respond to global supply chain disruptions and carrier capacity issues. Freightgate’s Multi-Modal Logistics Management allow global shipper to achieve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness through logistics route planning, information sharing collaboration, and end-to-end shipment delivery visibility using the Freightgate Logistics Cloud technology.





Collaborative logistics practices and processes are becoming increasingly important for global shippers. Freightgate offers shippers, exporters and importers a proven BEST-IN-CLASS TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION to handle the most demanding requirements for global logistics visibility, collaboration, and compliance across the entire supply chain.


Freightgate’s innovative transportation management technology supports the efficiency and cost-reduction efforts of retail shippers and their global suppliers. Have the logistics mapped out for you, be able to share with your partners, and be able to access important real-time information at your disposal.


Freightgate’s Logistics Cloud Platform is built with easy to depoly modules for full End-to-End Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; TMS – Transportation Management System, Global Tender RFP Bid Management; Least Cost Routing, Service Contract and Quote Management; Regulatory Compliance CBP and FMC; Automated eInvoice Audit and Payment; innovative What-If-Scenario Analysis tool; interactive online Sailing Schedule; BFN (Built for NetSuite) approved SuiteApps. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Our Experienced Team excels at finding innovative solutions to improve Multi-Modal Logistics Management with our vast arsenal of flexible cloud technology tools – give us a call and experience the difference yourself first hand. Share with us your toughest Multi-Modal Logistics Management challenge and allow us to come up with a creative, potentially out of the box solution.


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