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Tracking and Tracing Solutions

Tracking and Tracing Solutions for Supply Chain Visibility


Freightgate’s I-Trek!® is a powerful supply chain visibility solution designed for transport carriers, freight forwarders, 3PLs and NVOCCs to sharpen your competitive edge by providing tracking, tracing, and event management information along the entire supply chain.


Our Tracking and Tracing Solutions enables logistics providers to utilize the Internet to collaborate with customers and trading partners by sharing vital shipping information. It enables all parties to simultaneously update the status of a shipment or to track a shipment by multiple parameters including billing reference, shipper reference, consignee reference, PO numbers, shipment status, date range and much more.


By providing Tracking and Tracing Solutions that incorporate rate and routing management components, this provides logistics providers the decision support tools to make routing and carrier cappacity decisions that can have a major impact on bottom line performance.




Increasing Revenues and Profits

  • Offer high margin, value added services such as PO and last leg management.
  • Gain competitive advantage by providing best of class visibility and collaboration tools.
  • Provide quantitative proof of superior service performance using the KPI engine.
  • Open opportunities for gain-share arrangements on high cost items such as demurrage.

Reduce Administrative Costs

  • Eliminate the IT overhead and hardware necessary to support a dynamic system in house.
  • Decrease document storage and retrieval requirements via the integrated Document Management Engine.
  • Minimize data entry through integration with your operations system and carriers.
  • Centralize supply chain and logistics information on one platform across all channel partners, agents and customers.
  • Manage by exception, rather than waste precious hours each day reviewing shipments and orders that are moving as planned.
  • Use Role Dependent Views to streamline information by user.
  • Give customers and channel partners controlled access to the information they need rather than being mired in phone calls, emails and faxes.

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

  • Build customer confidence with predictable and transparent on-time performance.
  • Increase supplier accountability and gain negotiation leverage through periodic KPI analysis and review.
  • Identify internal improvement opportunities by facility, region, or at the global account management level.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Interface with your shipping system via I-Trek! Activator/J or I-Trek! Activator/WS (web services, SOAP 1.1).
  • Event driven email alerts in multiple formats.
  • Seamless integration giving you status information directly from more than 70 airlines and 11 steamship lines.
  • Customized look and feel – to make it a part of your web-presence, we apply your logo and color scheme and arrange the columns in the reports based on your specification.
  • Download directly into MS-Excel.
  • Multi-lingual Usage
  • Wireless extensions are available for various platforms.


The Freightgate Team excels at finding innovative solutions to Tracking and Tracing Problems for transport carriers, freight forwarders, 3PLs and NVOCCs with our vast arsenal of flexible cloud technology tools – take a logistics cloud demo of purchase order tracking and experience the difference yourself first hand. Share with us your toughest Tracking and Tracing challenge and allow us to come up with a creative, potentially out of the box solution.


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