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2011 Press Releases

  • Freightgate Saves Customers Over 88.8 Years of Manual Labor

    Freightgate passes 100 Million rate item lookup milestone for its leading Global Tender Management solution. Manual estimation to complete 100 Million rate item lookups was 883,000 hours. Using Freightgate’s Global Tender Management solution with Data Checking and Formatting, the Total Hours saved was a mind-blogging 88.8 Years. Roughly USD $7.1 Million Dollars based on minimal wage.


  • Freightgate introduces new business intelligence module to Tariff-Trek!

    Freightgate, a global industry leader in logistics and supply chain solutions, introduces new business intelligence module to Tariff-Trek!, its award winning rate and quote management solution.


  • Freightgate Teaches Shippers How to Automate Global Logistics Tender and Freight Rate Management

    Freightgate, a leading supply chain software solutions provider, is teaching global shippers, forwarders and carriers how to automate their Global Logistics Tenders and effectively manage freight rates in today’s complex and demanding supply chains.


  • Freightgate releases new Ocean Tender version 3.1

    Freightgate, a leading provider of supply chain transportation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of OceanTender version 3.1 . Freightgate’s transportation procurement application uses a common business process and standardized format developed in conjunction with global shippers, 3PLs and carriers. Ocean Tender standardizes and supports all phases of a tender from initial creation, request, responses, complex shipper evaluation, countering, and award.


  • Freightgate marks Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

    The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror is a time of national and international reflection. Many communities, churches and organizations will be holding programs to commemorate the losses of 9/11.


  • Managing the Logistics Lifecycle

    Cloud computing has become an industry buzzword. How will this technology influence the way companies approach logistics management?


  • Freightgate Global Tender Management (GTM-Trek!) : Man vs. Technology

    Freightgate Global Tender Management (GTM-Trek!) was put to the challenge Man vs. Technology in a case study involving productivity, speed and accuracy. Bid preparation is a trepidation which logistics providers must face to secure and retain business. Every transportation buyer, every carrier, every logistics service provider has their own transportation tender prerequisites, bid formats, pricing methodology, and service criterions.


  • Freightgate and PayCargo Form Alliance to Improve Ocean Transportation Invoice and Payment Processing

    Freightgate, a leading provider of supply chain transportation solutions, and PayCargo, a leader in electronic invoicing and settlement, announce an alliance to deliver solutions that automate the validation and settlement of invoices for the ocean transportation industry.


  • Freightgate Selected as Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for 9th Consecutive Year

    Freightgate has been selected as an Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for 2011. Inbound Logistics Magazine editors recognize logistics IT companies that support and enable logistics excellence. Freightgate, a global industry leader in Web 2.0 technology supply chain software solutions, has achieved this distinguished recognition of excellence for last nine consecutive years. Freightgate reflects Inbound Logistics readers’ diverse technology needs for: simplicity, ROI, customized implementation, visibility, compliance, procurement, audit and emphasis on end-to-end collaborative software solutions.