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Integration of Logistics Management Modules

Integration Solutions for ERP and Transportation Management Systems


Easy-To-Deploy Logistics Management Modules for ERP or TMS Integration


Integrate our Logistics Management Modules into your existing ERP system, shipping software, or with third-party transportation management systems (TMS). Our EDI interfaces connect with your customers, suppliers and logistics carriers for data sharing and collaboration.


With Freightgate’s ERP and TMS integration, the core supply chain management processes can be manage and view in real-time, and shared. Integrate a cloud-based database management system for contract and rate management, tracking visibility of purchase orders, shipments in-transit, sales orders, and freight invoices. Have various department information and suppliers integrated into an easy to access and easy to deploy logistics management platform. Be able to plan for the future with yesterday and today’s data at hand. Make inform decisions for product planning, manufacturing or service delivery, shipment management, and inventory management.



Decades of Integration Experience


Freightgate has decades of integration experience being the early pioneer of open connectivity and webservice enabled solutions. Freightgate SCM solutions can be integrated into most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems providing visibility and collaboration tools to proactively manage rates, routing, status, delivery and capacity to minimize disruptions. Use our TMS platform to gain visibility on inbound and outbound orders. Freightgate’s Platform has What-If-Scenario-Analysis route scenarios with best mode and cost factor integrated. By viewing all possible constraints and maximizing opportunity, all the guesswork can be replace with reliable planning to improve service and reduce spend.


The Freightgate Universe, Logistics Cloud TMS, encompasses ISO9001:2008-certified end-to-end transportation management modules from procurement, rate management, optimization, execution and visibility, carbon footprint, through invoice audit & pay. Freightgate is the only commercial Electronic Freight Management (EFM) compliant platform enabling standardized web-services as promoted by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport-Canada.


Since the early 1990’s, Freightgate has been a leader in cloud computing and mobile applications for logistics and global supply chain management. Freightgate’s cutting-edge Logistics Cloud technology unlocks a new age of competitiveness giving every business equal opportunity to participate in global markets with smart logistics tools and greater agility. Freightgate has been named a Top Logistics IT Provider for the last thirteen consecutive years. Access the most sophisticated TMS Transportation Management Modules utilized by many Best-in-Class organizations to reign in ever increasing transportation expenses.


The Freightgate Team excels at finding innovative solutions to improve Integration of Logistics Management Modules with our vast arsenal of flexible cloud technology tools – take a logistics cloud demo of our Logistics Management solutions and experience the difference yourself first hand. Share with us your toughest integration challenge and allow us to come up with a creative, potentially out of the box solution.


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