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About Freightgate

The Freightgate Team has been developing Best-in-Class Logistics Cloud solutions for the freight industry since 1994. Named as a Top 100 Logistics IT provider for Thirteen (13) consecutive years by Inbound Logistics Magazine. Freightgate has decades of supply chain logistics experience being the early pioneer of cloud computing, open connectivity, mobile applications and webservice enabled solutions.


Freightgate’s Management team has a profound knowledge of the logistics and supply chain industry and is uniquely suited to transform it by constantly improving product offerings to meet and exceed the logistics industry challenging demands.


Our long-term relationships with customers helps us develop adaptive easy-to-deploy solutions enabling companies to be competitively positioned within their marketplace. Having established alliances with technology companies around the world we are managing the globalization of logistics and supply chain management using the latest Cloud Technologies.


Our Experienced Team excels at finding innovative solutions to improve Logistics and Supply Chain Management with our vast arsenal of flexible cloud technology tools – give us a call and experience the difference yourself first hand. Share with us your toughest Logistics challenge and allow us to come up with a creative, potentially out of the box solution.


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Top Logistics IT Provider


Leading Provider of Best-in-Class Logistics Cloud solutions to maximize supply chain visibility and to manage freight contracts, procurement, pricing, quotations, routing, tracking, and scheduling of transportation and solutions that enable the analysis and execution necessary to increase return while improving service.

Thought Leader introducing innovative software solutions to streamline the complexities of logistics and supply chain management that creates value for its partners by going beyond the four walls and identifying opportunities to optimize supply chain performance.

Freightgate has extensive global supply chain expertise delivering a set of real time solutions, utilizing the latest Cloud technology to provide an easy, cost effective decision support solution by sharing data and information across supply chain trading partners.

Creator of e-business tools for transportation management, online document preparation, carrier schedules, capacity control, regulatory compliance, rate management, and customized international shipping applications for global shippers, carriers, and logistics providers.

Logistics Cloud Platform of modular solutions that are integrated, scalable and affordable. Our solutions may be implemented with minimal capital investment and a “pay as you go” approach to assure that a company only buys what they need when they need it while minimizing their own Information Technology Infrastructure investment.

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